1. .Krookz says:

    The things our government controlled media doesn't want the masses to see. Merry Christmas guys/gals!

    • dirtysteve99 says:

      why wouldn't a GOVERNMEN- controlled media want people to see their troops doing good work?
      a. The media isn't government-controlled
      b. You didn't think it all through

  2. SENTA says:

    santa bought a gift 4 u peoples LOL
    thank you

  3. Dean says:

    Nice propaganda. Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

  4. Yoda says:

    Good post Rick. Thanks to all who serve. You're making the world a better place. I respect freedom of speech but I respect those who fight for it even more. In fact I'm going to make use of my liberty right now:

    Dean, You're a prick.
    Monicam, You sound like an immature brat.
    Marc, you're an armchair general.
    Mkso, why do you have an issue showing the better side of humanity?
    Swedeking, Seek therapy. Or go and live somewhere like Iran. They'll love you.
    n0i2, almost funny. Needs a lot of work though.

    Thank you again to the men and women who have helped maintain a world where I am free to say my piece. Happy new year.

  5. sarge gunz says:

    #12 is 'giving' a physical search.

  6. dirtysteve99 says:

    Irritates the holy fuck out of me that Al Maliki is already preparing for 'Rivers of blood' if the Sunni don't toe the line, arresting opposition politicians as well.
    Democracy just didn't take there, I'm not sure it ever would, with scum like that in the political class.

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