• lfsg

    I don't want this post to end!!

  • Coldzilla

    #24 #25

    Great Racks!

    • Nazia

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  • Equinox

    This whole post is PURE GOLD. Brigade FTW

    • Safy

      She was still designated as an FFG, even after they eormved all her missiles. (But really, it’s not like they actually took away any real capability when they pulled the launcher we couldn’t get a bird off to save our damn lives anyway. Damn launcher and FCS were down more than they were up.)


    #25 MOAR

    • Brandon

      she has a mustache and she is not attractive! FAIL!!

  • Raph

    #33, use to work with a bunch of former A-10 pilots, coolest in the Air Force hands down, also know what to do when it gets serious! Sweet plane.

  • Franklin1138

    #17 is a cool photo, even if the girl wasn't as hot as she is. I love the profile, though! Also, #23. Hellz yeah. Boobs.

    Oh, yeah, the planes are cool too, blah blah blah.

  • Noice...

    #29 Who is she?

    • is awesome

      lucy pinder

  • scottyboy1612

    Love the bedonkadonk on #3, lovin #15 but #32 gets my vote.

  • coolaid

    #19 ye,let me have her..

  • chag

    Going to USAFA in June. Hoping to fly these one day.

  • Av8tor

    #18 Thanks for supporting the 127th Wing of the Michigan Air National Guard at Selfridge Air National Guard Base. They just deployed for duty to Afghanistan. Story here: http://www.127wg.ang.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123

  • bill

    omg#3 best ass on the planet.yummy,yummy,lick

  • ar-tee

    ahhh, to have to select only one….then that would be

  • Spectre_NL

    #7 whats her name?:)

  • wisemx

    Sir! Warthog's.😉

  • etcrr

    #12 To think that at one time they were going to cancel production of this mighty plane. What a mistake that would have been.

  • ar tee

    Happy New Year!!!
    It could not have started any better than to see beauty shown by…
    Can we please have MOAR? And can you please find and feature these lovelies??

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