1. etcrr says:

    these women would be cause for me not to jump lol

    • Alex says:

      I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thought that.

      • Henessy says:

        matagal na ako sa BlogtoProfit, since july pa pero ngayon lang ako nagsnmulaig nagkaroon ng mga ops from them, nakalimutan ko na nga na meron pala ako account doon, bigla lang nag email na i-check ko account ko kasi meron daw mga assignment kaya ayun, mukhang sunod-sunod na. Yung Blogvertise malalaki yung bigay nila at sunod sunod, $10 usually, you have 5 days to submit the assigned posts.

  2. R2G Fan says:

    #7 #9 #13 #25 I'd jump in to those.

  3. Werzy says:

    #1 and #7 Amit Friedman from http://www.amis-angels.com.

  4. Per Mare Per Terram says:

    #19, Kelly Brook. If there was ever a reason for winning your para wings she is it!!

  5. fred says:

    Oh hell Yeah!, might as well jump

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  7. asdf says:

    #13 is pornstar Lily Labeau, awesome nipple rings

  8. Zeynep says:

    For me personally I would want the dincfrefee in the setting to be what is going on the images rather than what body parts are exposed. I guess that’s sort of in line with your interpretation except that there are other things besides fucking that I would think are too graphic and should restricted. Violence and degradation. fall into that category.

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