"When our platoon of combat engineers returned to COS Marez, in Mosul, Iraq after it had been turned over to the Iraq Army, we were stuck there for several hours.  During that time, our platoon explored the now abandoned areas of the COS while we waited.  Me and two buddies were walking back to our MRAPs and saw an American flag sitting in a trash pile next to a dumpster where it had been dumped by the IA when they took over.  The three of us immediately rescued the flag, folded it, and kept it with us until we returned to the States, where we could give it a proper burial.  Pictured here is PFC Hamlin and PFC Perez, two combat engineers with 2PLT 4STB 4-1AD, folding the flag for safe transportation through the rest of deployment and back to the United States."

The following is my personal thought. I don't mean to put things on people and in no way do I mean this as a political statement. I think, this is one of those photos that should be in class rooms.
No right words, thank you PFC Hamlin, PFC Perez and Dan (who sent this in)…f-ing thank you. I stared at this photo trying to think of something not too emotionally charged to explain my insignificant thoughts. All I could come up with is, "Don't tell me our generation is incapable of having Pride."

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