1. gordon says:

    Cool..Two Avro jets in the mix…..Ah the good old days when Canada was a leader in the aerospace industry….Too bad John Diefenbaker killed it by signing onto NORAD. With that agreement, all our talent slid south of the border….and left us reliant on the US military…..

  2. TJD says:

    #26 – Wow – my dad was the diver who cradled the SeaDart when they pulled her out of the water, and went on to become an Aerospace Engineer later

  3. Per Mare Per Terram says:

    Great pics, love #33 and #4. Remember seeing mock-ups on display at the Imperial war museaum in London. As ever, politics and a lack of £'s proved to be the end of them!…….

  4. Rob says:

    what on earth is number 1?!?!

  5. peter says:

    #35 BV141B Observation plane

  6. pants says:

    #25 worked very well, the only reason it didn't see wide spread use during/after WWII was jet planes were developed right after it.

  7. Mr. Big says:

    That's a Big Ass plane

  8. bob says:

    actually every single one of those worked, some very successfully and only got axed cause of budgets or politicing (re: guy making the choice going to work for convair after choosing b36 over b35…) . its a matter of degree, feasibility, cost, etc.

    but they all WORKED.

  9. JeanRob says:

    #5 is the Griffon http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nord_1500_Griffon_II

    France sold the patent of the stato-reactor to the US…

  10. JeanRob says:

    Does someone have any information on #1 #3 #16 #19 #20 #23 please?

  11. JLo says:

    #14 was that the plane Col. Steve Austin went down in?

    • Mounokhoi says:

      Actually, #23 is the Northrop HL-10 used in the opening….those lifting body test craft, and several following generations, established the flight dynamics and handling characteristics later used by the Space Shuttle.

  12. sham says:

    # 15 a plane carrying planes, mind blown

    • Munokhoi says:

      #13 was a later attempt at the same idea. The hook in front of the windshield was used to lower the plane from the belly of a bomber, in flight, providing the bomber with air cover over the target. If you search, you can find videos of several attempts at "landing" the plane, which involved hooking back up with the parent bomber. As a side note, the history of parasitic/symbiotic aircraft is long and very successful. Most of the X-planes where deployed that way and soon Virgin Galactic will be launching Spaceship Two in much the same fashion.

  13. JoeMama says:

    I'm pretty sure #1 is an early model of a jedi starfighter. Just sayin.

  14. mith says:

    #36 So how does one become a test polit?

  15. Bob says:

    #13…I know the objective is not to look cool, but I would have loved for these to be real. These things flying off of a larger airplane in mid flight would be bitching…If these are the planes I'm thinking of.

  16. Abe_Froeman says:

    Love #36!

  17. Mike Groulx says:

    #14 looks like the craft the Six Million Dollar Man crashed in. (Sorry for the young ones who don't get it).

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  19. etcrr says:

    Have you ever noticed what looks good works and what looks weird doesn't? You would think that they would catch on.

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