1. etcrr says:

    Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen of the armed forces for your service, sacrifices and dedication. It is was and always well be appreciated by this man

  2. kimmeMOAR says:

    Welcome home my brothers and sisters

  3. DirtyDougie says:

    #18 One of those is my truck!

  4. meat42 says:

    Godspeed on your travels home. Thank you and welcome home.

  5. ceej says:

    This is an amazing set of pictures. Thank you so much for sharing and for your service!

  6. Per Mare Per Terram says:

    Well my American mates, you can certainly leave with your heads held high. You have done a great job! Now, how long before the Iraqi's stuff it all up? If they do there will be many British, American and coalition troops who have died for nothing……

  7. Chris says:

    Thank you and welcome back!
    God Bless each and every one of you.

  8. fred says:

    Thank You All and Welcome Home. Happy New Year!!!

  9. Dotson says:

    #19 I am so glad someone took a picture of this. We use to pass by this everyday and never had a camera or opportunity to snap a picture of it. This was the former Barber Shop for the Iraqis, closed down in May/June(I believe); Ali AB/Talil, Iraq.

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  11. Epinopierre says:

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  12. ahmed says:

    they destroy my country God revenge on him

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