1. etcrr says:

    #24 #25 You guys are the best, Chive On and thank you for your service

  2. Neo says:

    so many battleplane got damaged…

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  4. James says:

    It's kind of sad to see them old birds setting there rotting but rather that than harming us or our allies.

  5. Mehak says:

    damnit i live in Houston TX. why havent i made out with all but one of these girls. noesdt matter which one i dont make out with. just dont wanna seem greedy.

  6. FlightDocInTraining says:

    What the CIA and USAF would have given for those MIGs in the past. Reminds me of the book "Red Eagles : America's Secret MIGs" and all of the HAVE programs back in the 60s. Great read if you guys get a chance.

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