1. Tom says:

    #16 Why the hell did I join THE AIR FORCE!!!! Makes me want to switch….

  2. monoxxide says:

    #16 find her and giver her a 20 shot post

  3. Patrick says:

    these guys fly by my house all the time!

  4. Franklin1138 says:

    #16 Approved.

    #8 I love how the coffee/spit cup is tipped sideways right behind the flight computer. I have to say, though, seeing the wonderful shots of the Seahawk makes me think, for some reason, of CWO Cliff "Elvis" Wolcott, who died in Somalia when his Blackhawk (the Army version of the Seahawk) was shot down. Don't know why he came to mind, but he did.

    Thanks to whomever sent these pictures in!

  5. Rick says:

    I'm trying to block these ones, sorry they keep showing up

  6. CGA says:

    In the Coast Guard it is a Jayhawk not Seahawk

  7. Big Charles says:

    #16 With Academy Goggles

  8. USCGA2016 says:

    Going to the Coast Guard Academy this June!!!!!! WooHoo!! Can't wait!!!

    • USCGA2015 says:

      As the person who submitted these photos, let me tell you that you are going to have a great time. This summer will be hard sometimes, but it will be worth it. Look forward to seeing you next year, class of 2016!

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