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  2. Edmund says:

    #16 and #17 Moar please. Very pretty women.

  3. gordo54 says:

    …thank you ALL for your service!

  4. emptyracy says:

    Real women! Mega-props to all of these lady heroes serving our country! Makeup would just diminish their awesomeness!

  5. guest says:

    You should see #1's ass! I went to college with her and it is plump and spankable! Always made me stand at attention haha

  6. […] Yes, In the Navy is there's a girl at every port, but unfortunately, there's a boy in every bunk and seaman everywhere. OP – Fort Sill has Reintegrated again with BCT and AIT so you'll be PFT with a WAC in no time. Remember, there's no grab-ass permitted because they have their duties to do. Who do you think makes all them Sammiches? Enjoy! – Female Soldiers Wallpaper photos of hot female soldiers : theBRIGADE […]

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