1. HobbesLeviathan says:


    Take a closer look at her bikini top…not just America…TEXAS!!!

  2. whyme1973 says:

    #3 Please move your hand. I will pay up to $1 for this.
    #28 Looks like she knows how to handle the hardware.

  3. Scotsman says:

    #16 I'm sorry, but the lad aiming the rifle at his mate's back isn't okay. Doesn't matter if there's nothing in the chamber, or even if there's a magazine in it at all, always treat a gun like it's hot.

  4. iwantmore says:

    #3 Amazing

  5. Kodos says:

    All hail the BUFF

  6. wisemx says:

    Ooh Rah!

  7. Justin says:


    Damn I miss working with the B-52 crews sometimes. I love the BUFF!!!!

  8. etcrr says:

    #22 not maybe carrying, IS carrying Political Promises

  9. wisemx says:

    Heads-up, at attention. . .
    We just lost 6 troops in an CH-53 Sea Stallion crash over Afghanistan.
    Honorable Salute

  10. =kyle= says:

    #18 pretty sure thats from black hawk down

  11. Bob says:

    #2 You know the Coast Guard motto: Always Ready

  12. Charles says:

    This could all be just more pre-selling for his crap! This will help build the buzz like so many other BS potducrs out there. IMO

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