1. rabidpanda147 says:

    what a great man and a legend!… made college football what it is today…

  2. etcrr says:

    R.I.P Joe Paterno

  3. Juan says:

    as a fan of the Big 10 conference, R.I.P Joe Pa you will be missed.

  4. meanGene says:

    Thank You Brigade….that was special

  5. davey says:

    Thank you!
    JoePa was a great guy.
    Class of 1979.

  6. streethockey says:

    I see a man who allowed a rat that he knew to be a predator to victimize dozens of boys over a nine year period. Oh, and he was really good at coaching football. To think that you try to promote American values by promoting our armed forces but you excuse sodomy on children. Hide behind your pigskin fanaticism all you want. JoePa was a pig and so are his legion of continuing fans. On behalf of the many victims of sexual assault and abuse, let me say to you (a site I used to enjoy but will now sign off) F….U.

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