Daily Afternoon Randomness with a bit of surprise ending (35 Photos)

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theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service
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  1. S1M30NS4YS says:

    #28 join the Canadian army, please!

  2. wisemx says:

    #27 Ooh Rah!
    Semper Fi

  3. P90 says:

    #18 Morihei Ueshiba, creator of Aikido.

  4. etcrr says:

    #1 fun to serve in Alaska

    • Redynz says:

      It was -52 here at Eielson last night… Speak for yourself! :p

      • Redynz says:

        1) Thanks for the support!
        2) I grew up in Pa, and prefer -30 here than +30 back east. Humidity and wind make a HUGE difference. There are folks who love it here, but after 4 years, it'll be good to leave this summer.
        3) I looked it up, and the 92 ARW is in Spokane, Washington (Fairchild AFB )

    • etcrr says:

      1)Redynz Thank you for your service, it is appreciated 2) I was being sarcastic, I am from NH and hate the winters here as well

  5. Her Husband says:

    Did someone tell number 5 to aim at the target and not the camera?
    (First case of "Friendly Fire" from a Bitch?)

  6. Kodos says:

    Anyone ID this ship?

  7. Toro says:

    #10 "hey uh you guys know that thing can move on it's own right? you don't have to pull it…"

  8. whyme1973 says:

    #4 Holy shit that sexy.

  9. John says:

    #34 #35

    You call that a surprise ending? Fail.

  10. Kroc says:

    Must be cold in Davos @ #6

  11. etcrr says:

    #25 how the Adam's family "Thing" was born

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