1. etcrr says:

    pretty cool pics and "Old Glory"isn't looking so Old but looking so Hot! #19

    • Iceman2509 says:

      I believe that is the Puerto Rican flag, not Old Glory._I'll let it slide this time, just as long as Roselyn is the model.

  2. Toro says:

    tune in next week for pics from the US Army's latest training endeavor: "Ferocious Opossum"

  3. Neo says:

    it's painting…

  4. Rusty says:

    #19 is the spectacular Roselyn Sanchez, one of the finer products from Puerto Rico,

  5. wisemx says:

    #10 Holy…

  6. James(USN) says:

    i was apart of Bold Alligator, largest training excercise in history, 2nd largest amphimious assault (D-Day being number 1)

  7. anonymous says:

    fuck bold alligator i hated that shit putting grunts on mess duty instead of fuckin boot ass pogs WTF

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