1. etcrr says:

    She looks streamlined and ready for action,#17 #29 Oh the ship? Yeah that too looks like it was made in The US

  2. whyme1973 says:

    #5 #18 Absolutely delicious.

  3. disturbed says:

    #35 I like the way you think Rick.

    • Rick says:

      thanks man, 90% of my post begin with the question "does this subject need a bunch of hot chicks"…based on the answer, I make the post.

  4. AFCAJAX says:

    Where can I sign up for the Venezuelan navy?

  5. colOmbian says:

    or colOmbia..

  6. Alp says:

    ship? what ship?

  7. Woodrowrules says:

    #26 #32 Took a few extra minutes on those two

  8. chena says:

    #6…..now THAT is a bikini….just….WOW……..

  9. Alejandro says:

    Could you please correct the title of the post. The country is in fact called "Colombia." There is no connection with Columbia the winter wear brand, the motion picture studio or the District of Columbia. Thank you.

    • BDR529 says:

      There is a connection, Cristóbal Colón or as we call him, Christopher Columbus, and is why we gringos frequently misspell the Country. but I agree the title should be changed.

  10. its_forge says:

    She's Colombian, that means she's got three brothers, two uncles and about nine male cousins any of whom will put multiple bullets in you just for thinking about her. But lovely!! Very lovely = )

    (My wife's Venezuelan and says most of the Colombians she met are like Mafiosi, lol)

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