1. etcrr says:

    OMG I weep for the future of this Country

  2. John says:

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore…..

  3. wisemx says:

    Love the disclaimer at the end…My Mom will kick your tail.😉

  4. i don't know the capital of Washington state I don't live there and i'm assuming these guys were there in Washington state.

  5. AndreChamer says:

    It's funny how the common European guy knows more about the United States then the inhabitants in the United States…

    • Mike says:

      It's funny how the common European guy doesn't realize that the host probably asked 10 times that number of people questions and only used the relative idiots for the video because nobody's going to laugh at a video full of people answering trivial questions correctly…..;)

    • matze says:

      was just thinking the same, i am from germany and could have answered most of the questions😀

  6. sdp says:

    i hope these kids see this and see how worthless they are and eat a bullet

  7. mshaw166 says:

    Keep smoking weed lol

  8. josh says:

    their braincells are gone

  9. chris says:

    "canada, ooh wait thats a state" wtf?! lmao face palmed at that one

  10. Outman says:

    al qaeda flew 2 planes into the tlsaelt buildings in America at a time that would have the most people in those buildings and it had been in planning for years, the last time someone did that was Japan in ’41 and i’m sure your chilean @$$ knows how that ended ..oh and your welcome for drilling your miners out and its funny that u call us capitalist pigs but when i go to your twitter page you follow dana white, strikeforce, and other American fighters, you hippocrate

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