1. mongoose5271 says:

    #20 please!

  2. etcrr says:

    #10 this Humvee has seen combat and I would imagine that the soldiers are very grateful for the windshield saving their lives. Thank you for your service

  3. Anomanom says:

    #24 Don't overextend like that when you kick. It puts you off balance and takes longer to recover. It could give your opponent an opening, or let him catch your kicking leg and throw you.

  4. Central-Scrutinizer says:

    #20 & #21 AWESOME

  5. Scotsman says:

    #26 that's how you get it done.

  6. Muadieb says:

    #28 I approve of this message.

  7. Tom Terwilliger says:

    "Are you really asking me to walk point again?"

  8. mongoose5271 says:

    #20 Name….anyone?

  9. Alex says:

    #24—Worst 30 mins of my life. That stuff blows.

  10. DavidZH says:

    #28 Dear lady, your bikini seems to have folded inward, it must be uncomfortable. Please allow me….

  11. FunGus says:

    Something strange with the rounds in #7.
    Those bullets, those primers, WTF?

  12. AFCAJAX says:

    #20 MOAR!!

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