1. etcrr says:

    #7 very cool Civil War photo #8 Those eyes could melt the polar ice cap
    Trouble on the number 2 engine on the B-17G #2

  2. Rob B says:

    Photo number 4–

    Marines and their amphibious assault vehicles…fully loaded with Marines ready to kick some ass? Thats my weekly weapon. Nay-thats my weapon every time–US Marines!


  3. Guest says:

    #7 Thread on CW weapons? Ironclads, mortars, field arty, heavy arty, Sharps' or Spencers, maybe a couple of commerce raiders?

  4. chujoza says:

    I'd choose iranian nuclear weapon

  5. Koog says:

    I'll take #1 and #27 please.

  6. Carney says:

    #12 is a Happy Hooker and who is #8 ?

  7. DieLawn19k says:

    #1, I always gotta go with my 120mm. Tankers gonna tank!

  8. rpower says:

    #17 Ma Deuce!!!

  9. yan says:

    #5 and #17 !! Hooray for Canada!!

  10. RiddletheReaper says:

    I'll take #25, Cameron Diaz for the win!

  11. bud says:

    #13 "hey bud, you got an RPG that i could borrow?"

  12. Anomanom says:

    #21 Mosin Nagant FTW!

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