1. CDNWolf says:

    From a Canadian

    How would America pay for keeping the military at current levels?
    Isn't every other department of government being forced to make cuts? NASA for example.

    Don't be too hard on Obama. Sometimes people create problems and sometimes they get them dropped on them. Think past presidents could have run the country, while so deep in debt and the way the world has so much turmoil?

  2. Downunderrob says:

    From an Australian. This is a wonderful post, very moving. But please remember, all of these men, were just that.Men. Good traits,bad habits,as different as you and i. And they all had and continue to have a job to do. So let them do it and if you're unhappy with it vote them out.Some countries are not as Lucky as you and would give their right nut for the Freedom you get to exercise every damn day. May your God go with you and may continue to Bless the United States of America and those who serve under her Flag. Respect.

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