1. etcrr says:

    #17 #27 Assassins in disguise #16 #18 sniper rifles look like they would work just fine

  2. Kodos says:

    I'll take the Atlas, and drop it.. heh heh heh…

  3. whyme1973 says:

    #17 #27 I'll take the big guns.

  4. jojo says:

    anyone know what type of plane #9 is?? . cheers in advance.

  5. Fred says:

    # 17 WOW !!

  6. Bob H says:

    #17 All three of them

  7. Franklin1138 says:

    #17 and #27. To quote former Recon Marine Josh Ray Person (of Generation Kill fame),

    "It's a lack of pussy that fucks countries up. If Saddam Hussein invested as much in the pussy infrastructure of this country as he did his gay-ass army, we wouldn't even BE here right now."

    • Franklin1138 says:

      The one in the hot Bavarian getup is Verona Pooth. Google 'er, boys. You won't be sorry (and you also won't get in trouble at work, since her stuff isn't really NSFW).

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