• anguish

    I saw much beauty in uniform in this post. Same was true during my brief service many years ago.

  • Maynard G. Krebs

    #55 Blonde with a 60 for the win!!! I'm getting a chubby!

  • deleted6430623

    Women in UNIFORM are 1000% better than the Hooter Girls hands DOWN.

    • guest

      Agree with you. Take a girl in uniform any day over a hooter. LG is not a hooter, only one that gives uniforms a challege.

  • Matt

    Although attractive Hooter's Girls are aesthetically pleasing until they open their mouths. I after to agree uniformed women are the best, especially from this post. HOT!!!

  • Swervus

    #11, #57

    Need MOAR!

    Uniforms win. Obviously.

  • TheAutomaticMan

    Ya know…. for being Hooters girls…. i only counted 2-3 actually worthy of the title…..

  • jimstarswagg

    #49 ..Like a boss..

  • Brandon

    9 17 32 47 49 are the ones that do it for me…..

  • Falthor

    that awkward moment where you grandma tells your future wife "you have all the right equipment to work here" and you realize, what the hell am I doing in Hooters with my mom, Grandma, and girlfriend? true story,

  • redman12

    #51 #57 Respect.

  • GoCubsGo

    beats them all

  • warren

    #7 MOAR!! Nuff said.

  • Todd

    #57 #58 I think the point of the gallery is more along the lines of "women in uniform can be more beautiful than slutty looking gals"

  • Piaras

    All hard workin women who Im sure come accross sexism every single day……but they shudnt be out of de kitchen!!!!!

  • bananahammock88

    I'm about to go eat some chicken wings and then enlist.

  • Huzzah

    I'm in agreement with many. . . I'll take the ladies in camo.

  • Powder918

    9, 19, 53, and 55. Win this one

  • Anonymous

    Women in uniform = mostly winning.

  • rick

    #9 and #25 all the way.

  • thetech2

    #8 women in uniform because boobies

  • Kyle

    Fact, there is nothing better than a woman in uniform. I say hooah.

    • Panoramix

      Because that is the span of your vocabulary?

  • justin

    #44 holy jesus.

  • Tim

    God Bless those that serve our country in uniform..and those that serve us in "uniform"

  • _maxPain_


    sir ,, can you hear me now ,, hello ,, missile away ,,please respond ,,sir anybody ,,,acknowledge,,

    ''kshhhh I s_id ,,kshhhh,, DO _OT ,,,kshhhh,,, F_RE ,,kshhhh,, GOD D_M_ MISS__,,,kshhhh,,,,,frie__ly kshhhh,,Kshh,,, rep__t ,,kshhhh ,,friendly fi__ on grou__,,kshhh

  • Jordan

    #43 Snipers camo on !

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