1. etcrr says:

    I never saw one before, looks like a good go everywhere vehicle

  2. wisemx says:

    Awesome. When the combatants see one coming, well, that'll be enough.:)

  3. P90 says:

    It's called a Viking not a Warthog.

    • babbon says:

      its a Haglands with stand off bar armour….you wouldnt want to run over an IED in that, there would not be much left

      Scandinavian made and also under license

      the English used them way back in the falklands- these were originally deigned for search and snow rescue- so very good on marsh and soft sand
      not sure whether the bar armour stops them floating now

      • Daniel says:

        Not a Haglands though it looks close enough that there were lawsuits over it. The Bv was too lightly armoured to endure IEDs, that's why these were bought instead. So far, the reports are 11 IEDs, no deaths, though there were reported injuries due to transmitted shock and TCs being tossed from the turret. There was a rumour recently that there was one death when a driver broke his skull on the roof when an IED blew, but not confirmed. Makes me wonder where his helmet was.

  4. HamSamich says:

    Terry Crews should make a commercial for it. "MOOOOAAARR POOOOOWWEERRRRRR!"

  5. HobbesLeviathan says:

    Looks like a SISU with some light armor on it.

  6. RedRaider says:

    When I was in Afghanistan the British and Danish called them Viking troop transporters.

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