1. etcrr says:

    I had no idea that Canada had submarines, but diesels are better than not having any

    • EasternCanuck says:

      Canada picked up 6 (i believe) used ones for a good deal and they needed refurbishment. That is the first one off the line in Halifax, NS

  2. Owen says:

    Hometown of HALIFAX!

  3. dom says:

    Good deal? Not so much. The Chretien government bought the submarines from Britain in 1998 at a cost of $750 million, but since then National Defence has pumped over $1 billion into repairing and converting them to Canadian use.

    I live 5 minutes from the Navy Base, and they have been in refit for years. Big waste.

    • rob-b says:

      Not to mention on the trip back, one of those crummy subs, HMCS Chicoutimi, killed one sailor and injured 9 others due to a fire from seawater entering through a hatch and soaking poorly insulated wiring. It had to be towed back to Canada. Our sailors deserve better than 2nd hand junk.

      They are still in dry dock, not expected in service until 2016

  4. CanadianSailor says:

    They purchased these 4 subs from Britain. The Victoria is actually now in Esquimalt and it's more like $3 billion dollars pumped into them.

  5. Panzerrat says:

    I swear that #1 was taken at MSF Bangor, Washington. Looks just like the last time I was in there, except the USS Michigan took up a hell of a lot more room.

    • SubMan says:

      It is Bangor. I am not surprised at all to see the Canadians there. They are our allies. In fact, their subs have some of the same technology found on American subs. We sell technology to them, the Aussies and the Brits.

  6. none to say says:

    POS(s)… anyone military or no who doesn't agree needs to do alittle more homework on our "deal of the century" with these mechanical blunders.

    • Ranjana says:

      NOTHING, I will say it again, NOTHING compares to Dibellas. I have eaten at many a sub place my fnderis and I challenge anybody to point me at a finer establishment that serves hero or sub sandwiches. Subway? Garbage! Quiznos? Can’t hold a candle to Dibellas. Whenever one of our RIT alums goes to Rochester for a trip, they always bring back a cooler full of these pieces of culinary gold. Yes, they are that good. –

  7. James says:

    Fuck Harper

    • Matthew Uplands says:

      These were bought, far, far before Harper was ever prime minister. Chretien and the Liberals bought them, as if screwing the CF for a decade wasn't enough without a cherry on top.

  8. Per Mare, Per Terram says:

    'Cor, tell me about it! I was in the Dockyard when we sold these on to the Canadians. We were glad to see the back of them! Bought as seen my son, bought as seen….LOL

  9. Un_Seen says:

    I know for a fact how capable these submarines can be, they are virtually impossible to find, once running there are very few submarines that can touch them. Sadly they were neglected for some time and submarines require constant maintenance and $$$ to keep them operational. Once they are operational they are excellent boats.

  10. auzzya says:

    Out of the 6 subs we bought, only one of them is able to move under her own power however she can't even dive. What a freakin' waste of taxpayer money…

    • Un_Seen says:

      4 Subs and yes only one is currently working and it can dive, Chicoutimi also hasn't been touched since the fire and is only now being repaired eight years later.

  11. Navy_Blue says:

    Of 4 Subs we have 1 Sub is operational and diving and a second will be floating soon. These subs are not trash!! The people who manage and the contractors who "repair" (use that word loosely) them are costing us the money. The Sailors who man them are proud of what they do and just want a chance to prove what the Victoria class can do. 99% of the media and the people commenting above don't know what they are talking about.

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