1. Alp says:

    lucky gorilla

  2. Rusty_Dreams says:

    #21 is a 10!! Absolute perfection. Gorgeous! Hot!! Etc.!!!!

  3. troy says:

    @29 is the winner HOT HOT HOT HOT VOLCANIC LAVA HOT

  4. Jon says:

    The cheerleaders are just about the only good thing we have going for us this year…😦

  5. fred says:

    after the 70's, seattle hoops wasn't the best, we DID have some Highlites but I really do miss the dancers!

  6. Houston Chiver says:

    Not to take away from these beauties…

    … but the Rockets Power Dancers are the greatest in the NBA. Maybe even in any sport. =) Chive should do a post on them! Thanks to all you guys, and gals, who serve. Chive on!

  7. Bollyver says:

    Pantsuits can be hot.

  8. uhhhhhhhhhh so hotttttt, I love them:) 29❤

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