1. whyme1973 says:

    #12 I do so love seeing that little hint of ass peeking out there. Yummy
    #28 I like where this is going!

  2. Dave says:

    #28 is amazing. What’s her name

  3. jeremy says:

    22. I love my Louisville ladybirds

  4. etcrr says:

    #12 is gorgeous no doubt, I was curious about the F-22 in #6 turns out to be the last Rapture made of 195 according to and hasn't been painted yet

    • B_T_I says:

      #6 is actually a very highly classified photo. You are all now going to have men in suits come to your house and burn out your eyes for seeing it.

  5. vedran says:

    #23 croatian army :DD

  6. confused says:

    #18 can someone explain the explosions in

  7. DJLONG says:

    #24 was my first ship (then based out of norfolk, va – now san diego, ca) shooting a tomahawk missile into iraq back in 2002/2003. great to see this randomly. KCCO and Go Navy!!!

  8. Arnel says:

    Mine was the one with the elastic band. And if you gruadated’ to SJI, you have real tie (lighter shade of green for the stripes) to wear on Mondays.Things were so much simpler then, right?

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