1. etcrr says:

    Amazing Photos,Thank you for your service and sharing them and the one Photo of mention is #15, I find that very humbling,with #21 a close second (pun not intended)

  2. ceej says:

    #4 is awesome. anyone else have an Air Force One flashback?

  3. No-name says:

    Holy …

    Dad flew with the 391st back when he was in the Air Force, after he flew with the 12th Tactical Reconnaissance. He's got some pictures back home, if I had known this was in the works I could have submitted something!

    I wonder how many current Tigers remember "Mongo"….

    • Rick says:

      Submit a group of your old man's photos and I'll try and put a future post together on him and his team, thanks Rick

      • No-name says:

        I've got a break coming up for college in a few weeks, I'll try and get home and see what I can dig up!

        That, or just ask Dad to dig around for me now….. Either way.

  4. Fab says:

    Came out sick.Thanks Rick. More to come.

  5. parkatola says:

    #2 When did Steve-O enlist?

    Thanks for having fun doing a thankless (usually) job.

    Take care and God bless.

  6. BrettR says:

    Eagle drivers are bad ass. Love that plane.

    • B_T_I says:

      Eagle=POS F-16 all the way. Rick we need one of these on the Juvats or even the whole Wolfpack Kunsan ROK. Show these F-15 guys what real jets are like!! I could dig up some pics and a few vids.

      • Rick says:

        submit a group of photos and I'll see what I can put together, not sure I'd agree with "Eagle=POS F-16 all the way" but that's your opinion and I'm not here to convince you that you're wrong

        • B_T_I says:

          They are both awesome planes. I am a F-16 Crew chief so I am partial, and us and the F-15 guys like to give each other $hit. Go ahead ask any F-15 mechanic what he thinks of the F-16. Im sure you will hear lawn dart and scores of other names.

      • No-name says:

        Careful, Mr. Viper. Eagles eat snakes, you know. Hate to see you in a replica of the scene on Mexico's flag. There may be more F16's in our arsenal, but the Eagle is the backbone of our Air Force, and numbers don't count for much against total air supremacy.

  7. Notmyname says:

    I think some people on here are missing the point. The US has multiple squadrons of planes sitting in mothballs and boneyards that can STILL outperform anything the rest of the world could throw at us. Trust me – ask any former F-14 Tomcat pilot. Can we just give a little respect where respect is due? Eagles, F-16 whatever. God Bless the USA

    • No-name says:

      I just wish our Phantoms weren't being used as high-speed target drones, you know? What a waste of a MiG Killer.

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