1. kevil says:

    not NEARLY enough rep for the russians swedes and canadians here…
    couple norwegian pics though

  2. etcrr says:

    I hate the winter

  3. @camperrr says:

    Pics are taken from the exercise Cold Response held by Norway and NATO in Norway. Cant wait to attend it next year!! A few photos are taken of Norwegian, Swedish and Canadian forces as well. =]

    • 337 says:

      Verified. Indeed some of the photos where taken from the Cold Response exercise in Norway a few weeks ago. I love snow❤

      • Rick says:

        correct, I had been saving up some snow photos for a post…and then I realized it was already freaking spring

  4. DEZZA says:

    pics 2,44,61,62,65,67, look like Royal Navy bods clearing decks and lashing down Seaking HC4s and Lynx on one of our carriers probably HMS Ocean?

  5. Franklin1138 says:

    I enjoyed when we'd do winter training in the National Guard, but I don't think I'd want to be deployed or stationed somewhere where that's the norm.

  6. Con-Text says:

    #60 It had to be said: "Charlie don't surf!"

  7. Steel Rain says:

    M! L! R! S! We! Kill! More! For less!!!! Hooah!!! >X(

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