1. etcrr says:

    #13 serious fire power #10 serious beauty #24 seriously a hot ass

  2. MattKL says:

    These are great, but #24 has my attention for the variety of weapons she has and the simplicity of their incorporation onto her frame.

  3. Franklin1138 says:

    I'mma go with #25, only because there's a motorcycle involved. Dude looks like Army Special Forces, and is therefore a weapon unto himself.

  4. whyme1973 says:

    #10 Fine redhead. #24 Fine ass. #21 What is that attachment?

  5. 0331 says:

    #13 See what happens when you have the map upside down!

  6. BostonChiver. says:

    #10 everyone knows Redheads are self-contained weapons.

  7. Bob H says:

    #14 Luftwaffe rules. #24 Most powerful weapon in the world.

  8. Swarley says:

    #6 #24

  9. dugong_rakista says:

    ahhhmmm!!! sir…..excuse me what kind of weapon you built in your AR15?? is it a grenade launcher too?? at the photo number 21?

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