When it comes to editorial writing, you could poke a hole the size of Mt. Vesuvius in my ability. That being said, I did a post on the book “American Sniper” a few months back. Well, I’ve finally got around to reading it…and it is f-ing awesome. The story brings you in with the mere fact that it is told by the Navy SEAL with the most kills in U.S. history (over 150 confirmed kills). Ok, cool but that is not what makes this book great. The book gives an amazing inside look at the last ten years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. I laughed through out the book from Chris Kyle’s antidotes about situations he dealt with during his time in war. It’s a cool, fun and amazing groupings of small accounts of events that help explain the whole story of our involvement in the war. As usual, this is just my opinion and they ain’t paying me sh*t to say any of this…I just wanted to share this great read with anyone who’s interested.
Check it out here