1. etcrr says:

    #32 I love this photo and laugh every time I see it. All I can think of the Cop calling it in "Hey Sarge?"

  2. Paul says:

    #4 If you did a 24+ hour shift in the middle of the london riots, you'd want to lye down too

    • Rick says:

      I can see how that one could be taken as a bit offensive to the police, which is the last thing this post is meant to be. I took the photo out, thanks

  3. Anomanom says:

    #32 Fucking diplomats and their parking violations.

  4. Pimp my... says:

    Cops do NOT get a discount !!

  5. Gotta Go says:

    Don't try to tell me you're looking for the doorbell………

  6. Byron_Black says:

    Incredible! All of these are from my hometown!

    • Taeko says:

      This was the most useful post on a blog I’ve seen all week, thank you! The peveisctpres online are vast when it comes to image usage and these tips are simple and extremely useful, as well as the ideas in the comments. Now I’m wondering does anyone give credit to photos when using them for Facebook company page posts?

  7. Doda says:

    #27 Obvious joke with FAP and spray

  8. 11B68W says:

    #31 hook em horns.

  9. TheAlleyTramp says:

    #13 Oh look! Police training a cadet before they can polish him up in a shiny new blue suit. ACAB

  10. Keshav says:

    Nice summary. My eceirepnxes are similar about how the vast majority of occupy oaklander’s are peaceful and try to keep everyone peaceful. Just to nitpick: Olsen was injured Tuesday night during the demonstrations, not Tuesday morning when the Plaza was overrun.

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