KCCO in Afghanistan (7 Photos)

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  1. etcrr says:

    Brad thanks for the Pics, Nick is the one we need to show support to, For his service sacrifice, dedication and perseverance. God Bless Nick and his Buddies over there in Afghanistan

  2. Dunzo says:

    Typical douche posing with expended ordnance that he obviously had nothing to do with as evident by the M-16A2 without any optic. Please stop validating these guys who make the actual warfighter look like a attention grubbing whore. Looks like you are at CNS correct? Go enjoy the pool with the Canadians while 5% of the military actually earns their check.

  3. Mullex says:

    Dunzo, when the US pulls out, why don't you just stay over here. Since you think you got this without all the support staff.

  4. SGT Smith says:

    Dunzo, pissed much? calm down dude, cause your'e the one making us all look bad. Who cares if he is the ordnance disposal guy? He is still doing the job the army gave him, maybe you don't think much of his job, but it still needs to get done. You and I can't go out and do our jobs without support.
    And this is a website dedicated to guys posting pics from or about the service, so what are you talking about "attention grubbing whore", thats like getting pissed for seeing naked chicks starved for a attention on a porn site. Grow up man.

  5. Dunzo says:

    Ordnance disposal guy? Must be a new MOS… And its the job he chose not forced into. Trust me the job would still get done without him pilling up dunnage. He is out of uniform and just posted open source pics of where a giant fucking AHA is, but at least he was smart enough to include the flags so the point of aim is much easier for the TB. You are an idiot. And yes Mullex people like me will return to secure the AOR so that you can be sure to take home all of the tax dollars blown on infrastructure like tim hortons and bullshit trinkets you bought at the PX. But I'm sure as you are back the "no shit there I was" stories come out in full force.

  6. SKI says:

    Hey Dunzo you must be fucking retarded 89B or as u say it Ordnance Disposal "Guy" has been around since before fucking vietnam. If your goal is to go around and be some fucking meathead toolbag dipshit your doing an awsome job. How about you try shutting your fucking mouth an maybe choke on a cock or something. Another funny fact is i happen to be part of the same unit as these soldiers or i guess a dipshit super whooah person like you would call them "guys". And also u say there not warfighters but seems odd that an 89B is overseas supplying dipshits like you with ammo so you can thank them or just do everyone a favor an go fucking die. And the fact that you call them out on "being outta uniform" is great cause its not like soldiers never take there tops off. But i think it all comes down to 1 simple point…..your a typical army fucking deuschbag who belives hes some bad ass motherfucker cause he has a M4, goes out the wire on some bullshit mission, an the fucking world owes you everything too. Just remember the next time u get new ammo from a ASP one of those Ordnance Disposal Guys was who gave it to you an knows more about the ammo you hold than u fucking do. Now please do us a favor an eat shit an die

    • Dunzo says:

      hahahaha You're cute. Rolling up your sleeves is definitely not within reg and obviously people take off their tops. Only the dumb ones post it for everyone to see that they could care less about standards though. Nice vocabulary btw…. Really shows your intelligence level. I never claimed to be a badass only that people like him and probably you is why the army is seen as a joke because you portray a deployment as a joke which in your case it is. Bullshit mission? I think that is the pot calling the kettle black don't you? What makes you earn hazardous duty or combat pay? That you may sprain your back lifting trash or maybe stub your toe walking to the shower? If you want to play internet tough guy I understand. It's called an inferiority complex. But if you do actually want to act on your over aggression I will pop on the red side and I am more than welcoming of a little chat. My team is headed back in 2 months and I would be more than happy to see if I have what it takes to "eat shit and die"

  7. SKI says:

    apperantly you know nothing of the 89B MOS at all. the ASP is a area with its own rules an guidlines true you can't roll up ur sleeves in the army its against regs., but in an ASP environment where we have our own rules were allowd to roll up our sleeves. I dont see how posting it is "dumb" as u say its the same as a bunch of infantry soldiers taking a pic in the armor an w/e im betting theres things they wear or do that only they can do.Yes your totally right the guys in charge or handeling highly explosive ammo take there deployment as a "joke" thats awsome considering we prolly touch more ammo in our 1 tour than u do in 10. we get hazard duty due to the factof all the highly explosive ammo were surrounded by everyday apperantly u cant comprehend that or have never been to an ASP befor but w/e idiots will always be idiots. as far as my aggression i will agree im pissed off here you are some jackass not knowing anything about these 2 soldiers an just running your mouth where its not needed.

  8. Dunzo says:

    The ASP has its own rules which supercede AR 670-1? Hahahaha. Cmon private… Don't go comparing penis size to the amount of ammo you handle. That is like saying you touch more baseballs in a game than the outfielder because you are the shag boy. I think that actually using the ammo and being the object of affection for the enemy's ordnance is probably a reason for you to just walk away. Also, judging by your grammar, you seem to be quite qualified to take out the trash.

  9. SKI says:

    fine dont belive me i guess check out an ASP when ur over here in 2 months, an have a chat with a warrent officer whos in charge of the ASP an see if his soldiers can take there tops off an roll up there sleeves. you do know what an ASP is right?? you know why its the furthest area from all the important parts of a base?? Apperantly not, im guessing ur the type of guy who thinks hes king shit an knows all when u dont u have no idea what ur talking about when it comes to this. idk what you think your getting at by arguing the ins an outs of an ASP with a person who works in one, moreover you didnt even know what the MOS was besides "ordnance disposal guy" which i have no idea what that is. funny thing is idk y ur wasting ur time arguing a losing battle when u should have more important things to do like getting ready to come over here in 2 months, me i got a small amount of time to waste listening to your bullshit jibber jabber, an just laugh at the dumb shit you produce. throwing around big AR's an talking about penises an balls. not sure how penis an balls comes into this but i guess whatevers on your mind you type about

    • Dunzo says:

      You are obviously a total moron and a disgrace to the military. You are right, the ASP is usually placed in a separate corner of any base because of the explosive contents which lie within. You just proved my point of why you and your buddy are absolute dipshits. You post the exact location of such a vulnerable area, on a public site, clearing giving obvious aiming markers to any insurgent who now wants to lob IDF into a nice pile of munitions. Its not hard to narrow down which exact base you are at. I could tell by the flag and the skyline so how hard do you think it would be for an insurgent to locate? Yes, the dumb shit I produce like Army Regulation manuals and common sense. Please take an online class since you have time to waste because your spelling is awful. BTW it's Warrant Officer not Warrent.

  10. SKI says:

    you do realize that afghanistan is a area full of mountains so they can see it if they wanted to an dont need to b told where to find it we been here for 10yrs. plus the fact they have no way of sighting in the shit they launch they just launch an pray. the fact that they posted this should tell you that nothing in the pics is wrong, if there was a problem with the pics ik there smart enough guys to not post them seeing as u have a big deal with it all obviously says something about you. as a fellow soldier you should support the things they do instead of find little things to complain about

    • Dunzo says:

      Dude you are about to actually piss me off and this is your last warning to stop running your mouth or I will find you and have you and your chain of command in front of me explaining why one of their obviously illiterate soldiers is not only blatantly breaking OPSEC but also candidly endorsing the disregard for regulations clearly outlined by a number of different mediums. You think that it is just a launch and pray? They are not stupid and you are a fool to think so. They may not be educated but I am not surprised that someone who has shown such obvious lack of judgement would be so naive to think that means they are dumb. You're in the heart of a city and there are no OPs around that particular city (I know exactly where you are) that can be used as a point of observation into that compound. Even if there was that is nowhere near an excuse to enable them further. This website I fully endorse, however, this is not a DoD controlled system and even though they always have the best intentions are sometimes unaware of certain OPSEC guidelines which are published. In all reality it is not the responsibility of this site but rather your chain of command and you failing not only the mission but also casually adding risk to an environment of others so that you can feel cool with a picture to self validate your efforts which deep down you know are meaningless. Yes it does say something about me that I don't want to risk soldiers lives just so Joe can show off. It means I fucking care. I warn you one last time that it is very unwise to insult and misrepresent the military behind a keyboard when you don't know the audience. I support soldiers until the day I'm buried but that doesn't mean I have blind conviction. If you're wrong then you're wrong and in this case I'm telling you that you are absolutely wrong. Please don't think that I am in any way bluffing. Save yourself a ton of pain and just bow out.

      • MrZ says:

        So Dunzo, what qualifies you to denigrate these guys? You seem to be awfully sure of yourself if you think a guy and his whole chain of command are going to explain themselves to you. I have never even heard of a top tier leader anonymously bashing their support troops on the interernet of all places. And if you are that high up, more than likely you are in the rear with the gear like those ammo troops whom you seem to despise

  11. Adam says:

    It's funny how the ASP is right next to all the contractors conexes…oh well

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