User submit: thank you Steve “Abrek” Zilberman (11 Photos and his story)

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“A brief synopsis of the actions and life of my buddy LT Steve “Abrek” Zilberman, USN.
Upon returning to the aircraft carrier from a mission over Afghanistan in Spring 2010, Bluetail 601, an E-2C Hawkeye suffered a catastrophic engine failure. The condition of the starboard engine made the aircraft almost impossible to control. Approaching minimum safe bailout altitude and knowing the lives of his crew were in grave danger, Abrek, through almost superhuman strength, held the aircraft level long enough for the three other crewmembers, the co-pilot, mission commander, and air control officer, to bail out safely. Seconds later, Bluetail 601 crashed into the sea. Military assets from every branch and numerous coalition nations searched for Abrek for three days. He was declared lost at sea. For his courage in the face of certain death, heroism to save the lives of his crew, he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.
“Abrek” was a Ukrainian immigrant who came to America when he was a teenager. He learned English, enlisted in the navy, and gained a commission through the Naval ROTC Unit at Renselear Polytechnic Institute, and earned his “Wings of Gold” becoming a Naval Aviator. He became a Carrier Airplane Commander in the E-2C Hawkeye, and made two deployments in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.
His heroic actions have been memorialized in plaques located at his high school, his Naval ROTC Unit, and in a Naval Aviation Memorial Park in Virginia Beach, VA.”
Thank you Tim for sending this in


  1. Mr. McGibblets says:

    God Bless ! ! Dude was a warrior ! ! !

  2. Pabl0qT says:

    2010? How this goes unnoticed in the media breaks my heart. These guys deserve every bit of recognition and resepect they deserve unlike these dumb 'celebrities'
    Thank you for serving. KCCO

  3. G. Conn USMC Ret. says:

    I am humbled by this story. I will never forget. Semper Fidelis Lt. Abrek.

  4. coalregionchiver says:

    "all gave some, some gave all" rip Lt. You sir are a hero

  5. Bill G says:

    I am honored to just have read the story of this brave man. "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." Thank you Sir. Thank you to all who have served. I am truly thankful and humbled at your commitment.

  6. Adam Rich says:

    Sorry for your loss Shipmate, I know the feeling. Your crew is better having served with the LT I have no doubt.

  7. Julien says:

    what beauty. god bless

  8. Ken Kong says:

    good man, RIP

  9. oldhamletman says:

    the guy was a student at RPI, one of the top engineering schools in the world…. and instead of going for the bucks…. he served his country (that he wasn't even born in)…… what an example of a person…. wow. Thank you for your service…..

    so that others may live……

  10. Sam says:

    I normally don't post although a frequent visitor to this site, but he deserves all the praise for "staying with the ship" to get his comrades out of the Hawkeye. True Patriot..and an immigrant as well.

  11. Greg says:

    To ALL of the USA's military men and women out there, thank you for preserving our freedom and defending our fine country. We are internally indebted to you.

  12. Silky says:

    From all the way in Oz I am grateful for brave men like "Abrek" because in reality, whether you are on this or that side, his heroic act transcends borders and would be held in the highest regard in any country. I am humbled by his courage and sacrifice. Good onya mate. Raising my beer for ya. Cheers champ.

  13. BRIAN says:


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  15. H8tersGottaH8 says:

    Gone but never forgotten.

  16. The Mad Zak says:

    God bless a true hero!

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