1. Bon_nie says:

    #19 #23 Awesome! #31 Hot!!

  2. REVOLVER_KAZ says:

    #2 just needs a KFC double down on there and that would be MERICA all over
    #18 #31 #38
    find find find

  3. Huhu says:

    #9, sorry for killing your wife and children, but hey the US government will pay $5000 for their lives

    • lebernum says:

      yes, and sorry that your government can't get it's $hit together enough that we have to come over there and blow you back to the goat age. Sorry for your backassward religion. Sorry for the sandy vags you all have that you have to spread your hate across the world. Sorry, our bad.

  4. Straight Shooter says:

    #10 #11
    You can tell he's thinking "I'd hit that…"

  5. IrishWolfhound says:

    #3 Gotta love the Zubr class

  6. Will says:

    #18 and #38 caused movement in my pants

  7. etcrr says:

    #31 beautiful eyes

  8. whyme1973 says:

    #10 You have several thousand guys that want to show your tush their unit, now.
    #31 My God, those eyes are gorgeous. You could melt the coldest heart with them.
    #38 OMG that body is hot.

  9. Ekajevans says:

    #18 and #38 FIND.

  10. Spenny says:

    #31 WE NEED MOAR!!!!!!!!!!! her eyes are sooooo sexy!!!!

  11. Jig says:

    #10 Or your spare tire!

  12. DukeEdgar says:

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