1. etcrr says:

    The amount of thrust that these engines put out is staggering to me

  2. whyme1973 says:

    That jet is awesome.

    • simon says:

      that is why they are having so many problems with it hey!!

      • whyme1973 says:

        They had a ton of problems with the Osprey at the beginning. Looks like they got it sorted out. Same with this if they are having issues (I haven't followed close enough to know what problems they may be experiencing with this jet.)

  3. BigRedEye says:

    #13 of course, this number brings me good luck😉

  4. Edaea_Sinid says:

    #13 Now that's an engine I wouldn't mind to push the throtle on!

  5. Guest says:

    The problem with it is that for every hour of flight, they have to perform 4+ hours of maintenance on it

  6. Swarley says:

    #8 #15

  7. FukWar says:

    billions of dollars in r&d/production and has never been used in battle once… U.S. military for ya!

  8. Ivor Biggun says:

    Why did you ruin those pics of this amazing engineering marvel with a pic of "Skank O' the week", Tara Reid? And it has been used in combat, during Desert Storm. It is like silent death. You can't see it on radar, and by the time you get a visual on it you are already dead.

  9. […] F-22′s engine: F119 PW 100 in high-res (15 HQ Photos) – The Brigade […]

  10. […] F-22′s engine: F119 PW 100 in high-res (15 HQ Photos) – The Brigade […]

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