1. Kodos says:

    NUKES… when you absolutely, positively must vaporize everything for a one-mile radius…

  2. Anomanom says:

    #4 That air support is a little too close for me.

    #18 Nice

  3. LocalFF says:

    #6 where can I get the kcco tets??

  4. etcrr says:

    Thank You to all the armed forces personnel for serving, No matter What you do you are important and appreciated, God Bless You all

  5. whyme1973 says:

    #18 That body is built for speed. Damn
    #24 i love that t-shirt, it would look great on the floor by my bed.

  6. larry says:


    Lefties, unite!

    • Bon_nie says:

      Our (UK) rifle (SA80) can only be shot right handed so our lefties get a bum deal really!

      • Doc says:

        The M4/M16 family of rifles isn't too fond of lefties either. The ejection port is on the right side so you always get brass, excess gas, and grime flying past/ into your face.

  7. REVOLVER_KAZ says:

    #11 Well Sara almost made my brain explode from this pic

  8. sean says:

    thought #17 and #18 were the same picture for a minute😛 the white space between them blended them together for a bit lol

  9. MCMLX says:

    Got to love the fifty!!!

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