Body armor saving soldier’s lives (28 Photos)

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Get a full description of each photo from “Body Armours save life in Afghanistan and Iraq – 10 Stories” post (click source)
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  1. Scotsman says:

    #28 Give this man a Victoria Cross!

  2. etcrr says:

    #28 is a Hero without question. Thank You to all the men above for your gallantry, service and scarifice God Bless you all

  3. Markbrev says:

    #28 his day sack & helmet are on dipslay in the Imperial War Museum in London. His book Bulletproof is worth a read, the guy has stones the size of watermelons.

  4. P90 says:

    #19 He managed to fight a Chinook with almost complete hydralic failure into a safe landing while blood trickled into his eyes where a bullet grazed his forehead.

    • DEZZA! says:

      The wheeler dealers bloke Mike Brewer was making a documentary at the time on board on a rescue mission . Wasn,t the Chinook Bravo November? now in the RAF Museum at Hendon if ever a machine deserved a medal or a citation it must be that one!
      Brilliant and deserving post thanks Rick. and thanks to all the troops air crew and sailors from all nations for doing such a fantastic job.

  5. REVOLVER_KAZ says:

    Thank you all and come back home.

  6. Sarah says:

    Hello Vicki.thank you for reading my story, I can’t wait to rell tne next part.I have had many jouyners in my life about none like the Lifepath Unlimitedjourney. it is truly a one of a kind. and one I wish every one in the world would take. once again Vicki thank you for your kind wards. yours in life Rick Jeffers

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