Ukraine is testing the Zaporizhzhia (U-01)…I’m going to pass on joining them (17 Photos)

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  1. fasterthanu says:

    I'd feel safer in my bathtub.

  2. deuces says:

    Well played with the Titanic frame.

  3. Mike says:

    Built by the Soviets in 1970…..I'm sure crew safety was absolutely paramount when they screwed that thing together. o.0

    At least it isn't a nuclear boat. Ukraine doesn't have great luck with nuclear reactors….

  4. Captain Nemo says:

    How deep were those windows go for………twenty feet?

  5. greenewillie says:

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  6. Chikitiki67 says:

    Looks like an old Russian Foxtrot class, top of the line…if it's 1955

  7. Lory says:

    There is now way her skinny ass eats dontus. Just saying. If she does then she works out really hard or has the best metabolism ever. Nice tits:)

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