1. etcrr says:

    Impeccable timing. sharp as a razor guys are awesome

  2. the terminal lance says:

    all lances because nobody else could put up with that shit

  3. YEMX says:

    Army: your response is invalid.

  4. 'Merica says:

    Gayer then cum on a mustache.

  5. Bob H says:

    God help the enemy that attacks us with twirling rifles. They won't know what hit them. Literally. Don't get me wrong, I love and support every single man or woman who serves. But what's the point! HOOAH! GO ARMY!

    • antitango says:

      The point is that it takes training and discipline to do what they're doing. These men are ALSO being deployed overseas. This particular MOS is not a primary MOS. This means they do this on TOP of being your fighting US Marine.

      Semper Fi, Marines.

    • Marine 0311 says:

      It's about discipline. Something Army folk don't know about.

  6. TROY says:

    For everybody wonder about the reason–Uhh… because it looks cool!
    Reason enough for me. Go 'Merica!

  7. Sworn_infidel says:

    Its about discipline you disgusting army f*ck. The army has absolutely none of it and that is why time and time again throughout every major conflict in US history the army has failed to live up to the reputation marines have.

  8. 2ndLt USMC says:

    Motivating the sh*t out of me all the way down here at flight school in pensacola. oorah gents.

  9. antitango says:

    In case there's any confusion, the fellow in Red in #35 is not in the Silent Drill Platoon. He's a member of "The President's Own." Still talented, but not the Silent Drill Platoon.

    Son of a bitch these guys really make me proud. I can't do a fraction of what these fellows can do…

  10. dave says:

    It just doesn't translate to photos, you really have to see them and hear the band live to get it. I was stationed at MCAS Yuma where they train and they are incredible

  11. AJ Nilson says:

    Every time I watch a video i am amazed at how amazing they are!

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