1. Corry says:

    #1 best fun in the military yet

  2. Rob says:

    #22 #50 MOAR

  3. Androaz says:

    #43 Is that a k9 paratrooper..? The poor dog must be scared out of his mind

  4. Shawn says:

    You guys know that #11 is the USS Iowa turret explosion that killed a number of our sailors right? Doesnt seem fitting as a photo of the week. Not a good memory….

    • Andy says:

      Why would it be on land then? (Not meant to be a condescending statement, I'm actually asking) looks like its on land to me. Looks more like a tank than a turret on a battleship

  5. Marine says:

    #63 Is it me or does that sub look like its flipping off whoever is in front of it?

  6. whyme1973 says:

    #5 #16 #22 #25 #51 Absolutely captivating.

  7. JoeSchmo says:

    Damnit Rick we asked you to take down the IOWA pic in the other thread and then you post it on here. WTF!!!

  8. GreenDawg58 says:

    #16… MUST HAVE MOAR!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dotson says:

    #11 yeah, 47 sailors were killed when this photo was taken. Remove it.

  10. Charlie says:

    I wish people would stop manikg such a big deal about a girl taking pictures of herself. WE should ALL have pictures of ourselves when we are young and hot, no matter the popular opinion of what hot is. Aging is weird, it’s nice to look back on something after the kids, the surgeries and as time crosses your face. I think people should just enjoy their skin.. in all it’s shapes and forms and take pictures dammit!

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