1. etcrr says:

    This Colonel was so perceptive to realize that The other guy was sacred too. Pied Piper of WWII

  2. antitango says:

    etcrr, without the musical background, there's already a Pied Piper for that time period. Guy Gabaldon. His nickname was "The Pied Piper of Saipan". Very good read if you love history.

    This guy… I can't describe him. During the most recent WWII meeting in Hawaii for the vets of the Pearl Harbor bombing (and other vets of that time period), 13 showed up. Why? There aren't many more than that alive. Learn from men like this guy above because, unfortunately, they won't be around much longer.

    Men today (myself included) just aren't built like this anymore, with few exceptions.

  3. REVOLVER_KAZ says:

    Another unbelievable story from WWII… I can't think of anything else to say.

  4. Rob says:

    Class act. Just goes to show – we are all human, albeit possibly on different sides. We all have mothers, fathers, loved ones. Some, however, do not deserve this view – but they tend to be the ones pulling the strings, not doing the work.

  5. […] 90yr old vet tells a great story about war (Video) – The Brigade […]

  6. […] 90yr old vet tells a great story about war (Video) – The Brigade […]

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