1. etcrr says:

    That can't be a pleasant experience

  2. Dorotha says:

    Explosives, Friday Firepower, High-Res, Training

  3. Trigger_Happy says:

    4 officers in a 4 man stack performing an explosive breach….this can't end well. Well 3 officers for sure and I'm assuming the breach man is an officer too, though you can't see his rank. He's just guilty by association for letting this happen if he is an NCO. Train like you fight, come on! One RPG or grenade and there goes your entire chain of command.

    • they suk says:

      it's gotta be some kind of show for some bigger brass "proving" the officers can do it too. That stack looks like shit, the last two are all fucked up, and nobody is ready to move.
      This is a check in some box so they can pat each other on the back and get back on their radios and FBCB2's

  4. 1LT_IN says:

    I'm guessing it's MCCC or some other school.

  5. dq275 says:

    yeah, they're too close in the stack as well as the breach. additionally, it's more effective to space out and possible to pull security while the breach is going off.

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