1. Anonymous says:

    I forgot that the USA was the only country to attack on D-Day.

  2. antitango says:

    #6 is just… WOW! It is impossible for words to explain some things.

  3. etcrr says:

    What a horrific day it was and was surprised that Rick hadn't posted anything, Glad he did

  4. Kindergarten says:

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  5. RichK says:

    I really enjoy your site. These photos are great, I really like number 1 as it shows what appears to be an American veteran in WWII uniform placing flowers at the German cemetery in Normandy. I can think of nothing that says reconciliation and forgiveness more than placing flowers on a former enemy's grave.
    Three of the photos are not of Normandy. Number 6 was taken during the crossing of the Rhine in 1945, the map on number 12 shows the German conquest of France following the Dunkirk evacuation, and number 17 was taken on Okinawa.
    Other than those nitpickings, it is a great tribute. Thank you for remembering.

  6. One word for these men…BRAVE.

    #12 looks like U.S. officers in school reviewing the path of the 1940 German invasion of France. The lines of movement don't track with Operation Overlord.

  7. Blinky_Mahmoood says:

    #28 – I don't know about you guys … but I want to hear HIS story.

  8. REVOLVER_KAZ says:

    got a little choked up for #44

  9. chbeers says:

    Amazing post!! Literally the best that I have seen on here!!

  10. Per Mare Per Terram says:

    I admire our American and Canadian allies so much – they gave so much for our freedom in the last war and continue to serve with us in Afghanistan. From a very humbled British ex-marine…….. A simple thank you.

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