1. CanChiver says:


    Incredible body and pretty on top of that. Amazing.

  2. Jawbone says:

    #1 IS a bad idea! You'll get gum in your hair sitting like that!

  3. Jawbone says:

    #24 OR you could spend your time actually trying to meet a girl. Fuckin' virgins…

  4. johnnystyle says:

    #5 is pretty smokin' hot!

  5. Shel says:

    #2,#3 and #30…….BTG!!!!! All day. I don't think I would ever leave home.

  6. vince says:

    #22 and #23 mother of God

  7. ilikegirls says:

    #4 Ill be doing that on my BMX ! Cannot Wait!

  8. Poke4Life says:

    Dibs on #25 & #30!!

  9. Alex_5280 says:

    #17 I think I'm in love…

    • G.I.joe says:

      so,,, you must be 15 or 16yrs old right ?
      so,,,Unless you're a pedo you should be at school right ?

  10. CanadianPiper says:

    #22 You are GORGEOUS

  11. dick says:

    Maybe you could learn to count to you idiot!

    Bad Ideas for the Weekend in high-res (26 HQ Photos)

    #37 I present # 37 for your review.

  12. Lunch_Box says:

    #33 When your legs and arms are the same width, you need a cheeseburger with a side of cheese.

  13. Fed up says:

    Seriously, why come to a site any longer where the operators are so damned greedy they allow advertising you can’t get rid of or go around to hover smack in the center of what is is you wanted to see in the first place. I’ve been using the Internet since the first day it was possible and I’ve NEVER clicked on any advertising and never will its ugly and those who make it and use it are vile and despicable. .

  14. REVOLVER_KAZ says:

    #10 seems like a pretty dangerous bad idea. Still up for the challenge though.

  15. amplexus says:

    Great Post!

  16. Greg says:

    #9 wow a black girl included in this post! We need moar of this! Not those super skinny girls. I don't want to stare at bones

  17. DDD says:

    #15 Ariel!

  18. Notknowing says:

    #18 Jordan Carver…….makes me want to cuuuuuuuuumm

  19. Shazzbot7 says:

    I would sacrifice my first born child for #23

  20. jskinner says:

    Where can I find MOAR #22

  21. Central-Scrutinizer says:

    #22 Please Find! Simply Amazing!

  22. Chivin' Dutchman says:

    You should be thinking about renaming this post.

  23. chicago says:

    #14 i think its that babe did the 3 photo strip from grey-winter wear to red lace undies… either way still pretty and fit.
    #25 she was born to wear that – and always should wear that.

  24. Anonymous says:

    #2 #5 #17 #18 WOW:)

  25. WAC says:


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