User submit: USMC Assaultmen (42 Photos)

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  1. etcrr says:

    No we are just cheerleaders. YOU guys are the Home Team. Thank You for your service KCCO! Semper Fi Gentleman, you rock

  2. whyme1973 says:

    #11 #25 #37 I need these mounted on my bike…for differing reasons.

    Keep up the good work, Devil Dogs.

  3. A2_tha_MFK says:

    #35 Tunk, tunk, tunk

  4. jimbob says:

    #25 H O T. I think I just pulled something

  5. Tae says:

    Training with the ROKMC I see.

  6. crazyasslenz says:

    thank you for serving!

  7. Someone from 3rd plt says:

    One heart beat!

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