1. JustMe says:

    It was meant to clear minefields.

    • sean says:

      no…it wasnt… you obviously dont FULLY ARM a minefield clearer, and nowhere in the diagram does it imply it has any other proposed use than that of being just a goofy tank that they thought would be strong against gunfire

  2. REVOLVER_KAZ says:

    It looked like a bouncing bomb at first but the pic at the bottom f'd that up. It's a crazy concept but probably wouldn't go over a war torn terrain.

  3. PringlesDoctor says:

    it's like the Sony Rolly

  4. sturmovic says:

    It's in the Kubinka tank museum , close to Moscow.

    It was captured by the Soviets from the Japanese, and simply listed as "article 66" and an import from germany, so nobody knows what its' purpose was. My guess is it was used as a portable testicular joke generator on the battlefield.

    ps-I can't remember what number the izdelie was. 66 sounds coolest.

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