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    Postings may contain erroneous or inaccurate information. theBRIGADE would be nothing without you, our loyal civilians, soldiers and veterans. Thank you

  • david

    Another gift from the German tax payer.

    • http://www.supervideo.com/dolphin.htm chuck

      hmmm why don't we all look at this another way… How does 1,000,000 dead fellow brothers and sisters grab you? THEN we can begin to discuss some money payment terms. how does that arrangement suit you? Wait i forgot a small detail… there were only 14 million of us to start with so if we are talking about people just of the muslim faith at 1.5 BILLION then we must make this a level playing field… I will need at LEAST 250 million dead souls. this is what you get when you make deals with the devil. Now you sleep on that nice thought. Pleasant dreams comrade…

  • karl Fenn

    What a sub this is, is there anything it can't do, Iran are in for a big fucking shock.
    Question is, just how did they get the money to pay for it, or were they gifts from the germans.
    lucky bastards, can we have half a dozen sent to the uk please for free.

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