1. pete says:

    well isn't this just about fucking awesome

  2. lars says:

    thanks, guys, very cool

  3. Lyster says:

    Missed the last two. Made sure I got in on this one!

  4. Will says:

    Hell yes, very awesome! I've been knighted… Now weather or not my shirt makes it to where I'm currently working!?

  5. EasternCanuck says:

    Wow… I had time to submit a wrong order… contact the chive to cancel the order, wait for a reply and order a new one… this is unheard of. Is the internet shutting down??

  6. ronronsd says:

    Scored one. Made my day and I'll be rocking it in San Diego on 4th of July #kcco

  7. May says:

    On facebook there is a tab where onnlie people are showing on right side and five more options like groups, photos, links and add bookmark etc. at left side. Click on photos there you can see all albums added or updated by others. There you can also find an option like create your own photo album . Click on that and create it.

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