1. RandomKindness says:

    Thank you to all Canadian and American soldiers.

  2. MccrayAgnes says:

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  3. OhioChiver says:

    #57 To those who have served, past and present, especially those whom paid the ultimate sacrifice, I am thankful. You will not be forgotten.
    And thank you CO for the pic. Intimate and thoughtful post.

  4. lilEP says:

    #19❤ Alabama Chivettes

  5. Matt says:

    There is a lot of marines in this motha fucka… Im all about we all fight the same team and we are all equal.

  6. #32.....need MOAR!!! says:

    Springdale Arkansas

  7. AWDesome says:

    Yay for FURP, Future upper respiratory problems.

  8. SKEEBLER says:

    #11 Springfield😄 .40 CAL

  9. chena says:

    ….# 11….no magazine in the well, but, still, KEEP yer fingers off the trigger until ready to SHOOT!!!!!

  10. Bia says:

    Minecraft. Worst. game. ever. It would have been awesome if it came out for Nintendo/Super Nintendo back in the day. Compared to today’s stadrands the graphics are horrendous and game play is boring as hell. Even Super Mario 64 on the N64 had far superior graphics and game play. I’ll take it (or the original Doom or Duke Nukem 3D) over this any day!

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