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“My husband and I are duel military different branch so we never ever see each other. We flew home for Christmas to see one another after almost four months. He got down on one knee and proposed!(: We are now happily married for a year”
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  1. Brendan says:

    thats AWESOME. Hope everything works out perfectly

  2. SuperDanMan4290 says:




  3. Charley says:

    WOW!!! The coolest part is that it's actually a MAN proposing to a WOMAN!!!! I'm so glad that's still happening in the U.S.!!!!!

  4. joyss sky says:

    It is definitely a fantastic as well as useful little bit of details. I am just satisfied you discussed this kind of valuable details here. Please continue to be people updated such as this. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Baba Booey says:

    Have fun banging other members in your service. Why not just get out and enjoy life?

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