1. whyme1973 says:

    #17 At full attention.

  2. That guy says:

    whats up with 21

  3. YEMX says:

    #3 waiting on a care package.

  4. Joe O says:

    #21 – Time to crack some see you next tuesday skulls

  5. John says:

    #8 Wives*

  6. wow eeeee says:

    #23 do me next!!!!!!

  7. Sapper33 says:

    #9 What about the military men right here in Alberta?

  8. #30
    If you have not seen the Nat Geo documentary "On Board Marine One" you should check it out.

  9. cool blog says:

    I have to get around my own love for the goodness helping people who require benefit the bradenton area of curiosity. Your real resolve for moving the solution around has been fantastic and still have usually prompted personnel much like me to arrive at their dreams. Your personal helpful helpful details signifies anywhere near this much somebody just like me and still more to my own friends. Thanks all people.

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