1. dan25 says:

    A mans list of sexual conquests…

    Bang a white chick, bang an African american chick, bang an latin chick, bang an asian chick, bang all other girls of races and nationalities…(NEWLY ADDED) BANG A HOT ZOMBIE CHICK.

  2. Kristi says:

    #39 Looks a little like Silent Hill. Love it!

  3. FIND FIND FIND says:


  4. zoxymusic says:

    #39 those curves are kinda sexy!

  5. […] Girls from around the world : theBRIGADE Posted on July 10, 2012 at 1:57 pm by administrator Photos of hot Zombie walk Girls from around the world : theBRIGADE. This entry was posted in Entertainment. Bookmark the permalink. ← Zombie Attack in St. […]

  6. AnonyMrsFawkes says:

    I'd turn gay for #50

  7. dewd says:

    Is it just me, or does #21 look like he has two right hands?…..

  8. Lunch_Box says:

    #25 Lara Croft didn't make it.

  9. Retired Navy says:

    With the exceptions of the non zombie looking hotties, kinda reminds me not to stay until closing time.

  10. Chicago Chiver says:

    Doesn't matter, had sex.

  11. Yann says:

    I would definitively let myself be bitten by this one… :p

  12. Yann says:

    I would definitively let myself be bitten by this one #47 :p

  13. Evil Dung Beetle says:

    #53 I hear a witch! Turn off your light!

  14. Steve says:

    #37 #50 can eat my brains

  15. bwahaha says:

    Never thought I would be into necrophilia

  16. dawg065 says:

    #47 hot but deadly.not a bad way to go.

  17. cheeseSammich says:

    #1 looks like Deborah Ann Woll

  18. @JDougE09 says:

    #1 if she was a real zombie, I'd be doomed, those eyes… FIND HER

  19. Byron_Black says:

    #19 You were looking for a change-up, but instead you got a couple of heavy sinkers.

  20. Outlaw says:

    #41 Easy with the teeth, plz.
    #53 Zombie handjob, challenge accepted.
    #77 Oh God, we have a biter.

  21. Special Occasion Dresses says:

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